Chungsi Cave Upper Mustang, Nepal.

 Published On:17 Aug,2022

Chungsi Cave

– Naturally beautiful surroundings and spiritual environment.
Chungsi Cave Mustang
– Buddhist People believed that Guru Rinpoche meditated in this cave around the 8th century.
Chungsi Cave Upper Mustang
– Exactly the monastery where Padmasambhab meditated was situated above the cave.
Upper Mustang Chungsi Cave
– Chungsi cave is one of the most popular Buddhist pilgrimages in mustang it’s known as Ranchung cave.
Madidate at Chungsi Cave
– Chungsi cave is an important attraction in mustang isolation and could preserve the ancient culture.
– Many Buddhist devotees visit this cave to worship and meditate.
– This natural cave is one of the highlights monuments in the upper mustang Trip.