Nepal Experience Tour

Nepal Experience Tour offers a fabulous experience of what Nepal has to offer with a balanced mixture of nature and culture.

Nepal experience tour packages is specially designed by Community Trek which program take you to experience real and authentic Nepal. Walking in the mountain Village, relaxing with the majestic view of high Himalayas, observe different cultural heritage sites and close encounter with wild animals in national park obviously make a feeling inside you that you are experiencing Nepal as traveler. This tour cover Kathmandu valley where you will visit UNESCO world heritage sites and then we will take you the mountain Villages around the Kathmandu.

This Tour, we offer you 2-3 days to 2 weeks trip. Hopefully this might be great opportunity to trekking in the mountain, experience local mountain life, culture tour in Kathmandu valley. You can do it to experience the Nepal as tourist, let’s check it for yourself!

▼ To do in Nepal Experience Tour