Manaslu Region

Manaslu Region, the hidden valley, one of the less well-know and more recently opened up areas for trekking. This Valley is located in the remote northern side of Gorkha district in Nepal. The region, which was officially opened to foreign tourists only in 1991, falls in the Restricted Area zone and tourists must acquire Trekking Permit from the Department of Immigration in addition to the TIMS card to enter this region.

Manaslu Region, very few visitors encountered along the way this region is a very different experience from a trek in the Everest and Annapurna regions which are generally crowded with trekkers. Manaslu (8,152m) is an opportunity to enjoy a quiet time trekking in pure bliss away from the noisy trappings of a modern world.

Manaslu Region, you enjoy authentic Nepali culture and hospitality, promises breathtaking views of Mt. Manaslu and other Himalayan peaks always on the background. Be prepared to witness ancient cultures and almost medieval lifestyle of the people as you trek up north towards the peaks.

Manaslu Trekking

Manaslu Region is much of its culture and history with its neighboring territory, Tibet. The valley has its own distinctive culture, influenced by Tibetan culture. Manaslu Valley has long history of Buddhism. The Buddhist saint Milarewa is believed to be meditated in the caves of these mountains. Traditionally, the valley was a culturally distinct geographical called “Tsum Tso Chuksum”, which means thirteen provinces ruled as a single territory. The ancient remains of the Tsum Kingdom are still visible today. Due to its remoteness and inaccessibility, this sacred valley and its people have been bypassed by mainstream development for centuries. As a result, the unique culture of this valley has remained intact.


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