Everest Region Trekking

Everest region Trekking in Nepal is more than just climbing and trekking, it is a life changing experience and some see it as a journey close to achieving Nirvana. Located in the north eastern province of Nepal, this region is in a world of its own with vast glaciers, ice falls, the highest mountains, deep valleys, precarious settlements, and hardy people challenging the harshest conditions thrown at them by nature in the thin air of high altitude You’ll have great views on all these treks, but which one you choose will depend on your time frame, budget, and appetite for challenge.

Passing through legendary Sherpa villages, the Everest trek is a mix of deeply cultural and spiritual experiences and physical challenges that test your strength and endurance. Buddhist lamas, monks and nuns led by Rinpoches (reincarnate at mas) serve the predominantly Sherpa communities from their gompas.

The journey to Everest or Everest Base Camp, begins with a dramatic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, after which you hike up the Everest region to reach your destination in the Himalayas. However, for die-hard lovers of trekking, there is another switchback starting from Jiri through the mid-hills of Solu, an ethnically diverse and flora-rich section of the trek.

» How to Accessing to Everest Region Trekking

To access the Everest Region Trekking, most people take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, from where you start the climb toward Namche Bazaar (usually done in two days). Alternatively, if you have more time and are interested village life, it’s best to start your trek from Jiri, Shivalaya or Salleri, four days walk south of Lukla. To reach Salleri, you’ll need to take public or private road transport from Kathmandu. Starting your trek from Salleri or Jiri is a great option if you have the time.

» Most Famous Trekking Program in Everest Region 

1. Everest Base Camp Lodge Trek 14 Days
2. Everest Three Pass Trek 20 Days
3. Gokyo Valley Trek 13 Days
4. Gokyo Valley with Everest Base Camp Trek 16 Days
5. Everest View Trek 10 Days 

» Most F us Peak Climbing Program in Everest Region 

1. Island Peak Climbing 
2. Mera Peak Climbing 

» Most Famous Expedition Program in Everest Region 

1. Everest South Face Expedition
2. Ama Dablam


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