Partner with Us

We believe partnerships are an essential key point on the way to achieving results and submitting success. We have established strong partnerships since the very beginning of our operations and we aim to keep on developing our network. Teamwork & Diversity are two components needed for any company looking towards its growth and this is why we value it. We believe that being a strong surrounded company and provide excellent quality services to our partners will enable a brighter future for both our partners and ourselves.

▼ The main objectives of these partnerships are:

1. To facilitate a sustainable tourism model that ensures people’s participation in tourism and sustainable development of the village.
2. Ensure sustainable income generation and utilize the potential of tourism as an additional income for village development.
3. Create awareness among the local population and the general public on the positive impacts of tourism, conservation and sustainable management of the natural resources.
4. Conservation and enrichment of our cultural heritage and a positive cultural exchange between guests and host communities.
5. Improved capacities of domestic industries and a more competitive environment through value added integration of resources.
6. If you are interested in becoming our partner, do not hesitate in contacting us through e-mail or phone call.

♂ Team of Community Trek