How To Prepare for Trek

Many customers have been asking us how to prepare for a trek, an expedition, and any other kind of physically high-demanding outdoor activity.

Trekking in Everest Basecamp Nepal
The Jour to Everest Base Camp Trek.

This is all about being prepared when the moment of your duo dance has come during your wedding you prefer being prepared in order to offer yourself, your partner, and all your guests the best experience possible and this is why you have prepared for this. There is no big difference when you go to the mountain for trekking/expedition or for a long cycling trip etc…

The more you are prepared, the more you will enjoy it! Instead of focusing on how much your heartbeat is getting stronger and quicker you will be able to give more time to the fantastic views the Himalayas can offer, say the funny joke you had in mind without tossing at the same time, and simply enjoy what is to be enjoyed day after day.

We want you to have the best experience possible and this is why we have listed a few tips for preparation, now everything is in your hands!

When Trek to Everest Base Camp

Here you will find the different recommendations we have for you…

1. Go for some Fitness Training:

There is nothing worse than not being able to reply to someone because you have lost your breath after half an hour of physical activity such as hiking or cycling. Well… actually, there is you could miss some spectacular views of the mighty Everest Mountains, don’t see a particular animal because lack reaction and many more…

Besides whenever you are leaving for many days of a physically demanding activity your body can quickly get tired after a few days and make the rest of the trip a death-like experience.

This is why we highly recommend to all our customers some fitness training before the departure. This fitness training should be adapted to the activity and to the time it will cover.

2. Let’s Stretch those muscles & joints:

You might think that doing some fitness is the only thing needed to do before leaving for any kind of physical activity and although doing some fitness is good a lot of people forget that stretching is just as important.

You can try joining a Yoga class for a couple of months before the departure date or do it from home. Whatever your choice is, we truly and highly recommend you stretch those muscles & joints for the sake of your experience!

3. Go for some Altitude Training:

This might be the most difficult preparation to access for some though if you can get to any nearby high point do not hesitate. It can be very interesting for any of you who planned to go for high-altitude trekking or an expedition to know how your body reacts to altitude.

4. Try out your material in advance:

There is nothing worse than realizing that your trekking shoes hurt your feet on the second day of your 21 Days trek. These cases are not that rare and can be the source of big frustration as it can definitely ruin a trip. Also, don’t forget to take your medicines and any other material support that could be the solution to a major problem.

A few people think about it but this can be one of the most important “preparations” before leaving for your adventure.

So, let’s do it!!