Nepal is the multicultural, multilingual and multi ethnic country with highest geographic diversity ranging from the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest to the lowest plans of Tarai region. The diverse people and communities of Nepal is an assimilation of Caucasian, Mongolian and Dravidian races of Asia. As the confluence of Shamanism, Hinduism and Buddhism and the sandwiched Himalayan state between Asian giants China and India, it is a home for more than one hundred ethnic communities with one hundred and twenty languages.

Good Map of Nepal

For your Holidays, Nepal will stun you on many levels. Its variety of landscapes, cultures and people, offer a wide variety of activities for travelers to get engaged in. In many travel reviews, Nepal is the one of the most popular travel destination in Asia because of it’s natural beauties, bio diversity , landlocked , eye catching Himalayan views including highest Mt. Everest , multi-cultural lavishness and different dialects, Birth place of Gautam Buddha, world’s highest lake , world’s deepest gorge, friendly people and their warm hospitality. This all makes Nepal unique country that will stun in many levels in the world context, Nepal is such travel destination where travelers want to visit time and again because even if they spent one month holidays it feel like one day. Due to of its uniqueness Nepal regularly comes in the top 10 places to visit before you die and I am proud about it.

To experience true Holidays Nepal here are our recommendation: Trekking, Mountaineering, Peak Climbing, Spiritual Tours and Practice, Cultural Tours, Bird Watching, Yoga and Meditation,Volunteering, Home stay and many more.

▼Best time to make Holidays in Nepal

Nepal’s climatic and geographical diversity makes it the ideal destination for a year round visit.

Everest Season for Trekking

To make your holidays Nepal, though Spring and Autumn are said to be the best seasons to travel to Nepal, this beautiful country can be visited anytime of the year. You just need to know where to head to. Contrary to popular belief, Nepal is not only about mountains. Geographically the country is divided into three regions- Himalayan or high mountains, mid-hills and Terai region. While the highest point in the country is Mount Everest at 8848 meters, the lowest point is Kechana Kalan, a small village in the Terai lowlands lying at an altitude of 60 meters. It is advisable to plan your Nepal trip around the time of year best suited to the activity you are interested in.

Are you planning to travel to Nepal and looking for the suitable trips, here are some recommended destinations and the trips that you can enjoy your holidays. These trips range from adventurous trekking to the cultural exploration home stay tours and family trips.

Most popular Holidays Packages around the Nepal.