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Social Projects of Community Trek

Community Trek started Tourism Development project in the remote Villages of Nepal as social projects of Community Trek, like in Baseri Village and Dimma, Odare where Community Trek’s founder Ramesh grew up, with the mission to support the local Village Community’s development process through responsible tourism development.

Baseri Village Community Trek and Tour

Tourism in Nepal is increasing day by day attracting many foreign visitors from all around the world. So, Community Trek has introduced this Tourism Development Project for developing and exploring tourism in Nepal at the same time helping local communities to save their culture as well as nature around them.


How do we do it through Tourism Development Project?

community Trek Project

1. Research and work on developing and exploring new Tourism destinations.
2. Promote Homestay, village Tourism & Eco-Tourism.
3. Implement new tourism Concepts in Nepal like Agro Tourism and Village Tourism.
4. Support Local community to develop infrastructures & facilities for tourists.

How local communities are benefiting from our Social Work?
Community Trek Village Program

Social Projects of Community Trek is always conscious its impact on local communities at grassroots level Tourism Development. So our focus is always on community involvement and community benefits. We hope that our concept of any projects helps the local communities to bring local employment and livelihood opportunities for the villagers, help locals to promote their local products, and ultimately it supports their entire community development process through Tourism of Nepal.

How can you help us through the Social Projects of Community Trek?

Baseri Village Community Trek

You can help us in various ways:

1. Joining any trekking and adventure trip around Nepal.
2. Visiting our promoting village being as a tourist.
3. Being a partner with Community Trek.
4. Joining our volunteer programs.
5. Donating us spreading the word for our work in Nepal.

Running Programs:

1. Warm Clothes for Mountain Children (WCMC)
2. Village Experience Program
3. Cultural Exchange Program.

If you wish to get in touch with us then please always feel free to Contact us.