Our Engagement

Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation Projects

Nepal was hit by two major earthquakes on April 25 and May 12, 2015 impacting heavily on Nepalese socio-economic, ecological and political sphere. Total death toll has been estimated more than 9000 and injured more than 23000. Hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless and thousands of people have been left with their homes and livelihoods destroyed.

Community Trek Social Project Langtang

At the main time team of Community Trek together with Thelma & Lousie Nepal lunched Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation Projects. And, rescue and relief operations were carried on joining hands by fellow humans from entire world establishing people to people partnership. Likewise, Community Trek and Thelma and Lousie Nepal comprising a team of young Nepalese social entrepreneurs was setup as the field operating partner for Thelma and Lousie Expeditions, Australia and France.

Community Trek Social Project Sindupalchowk

Even our team members belonging to hard hit districts were themselves victims of earthquake. Their village homes and living places in Kathmandu were destroyed and were taking shelter in the temporarily built tarpaulin tents. Despite all the hardship the team setup to devote for taking reliefs in different villages. With the first financial aid provided by T&L Expeditions, funds received from locals and friends abroad, the T&L Nepal was able to reach out to Helambu areas including Baseri Village.

Community Trek Social Project Baseri

Community Trek and T&L Nepal have carried out major relief distributions of worth above US$ 20,000 and made contributions of worth US$ 10000 for more than a dozen minor relief distributions carried on by local organizations i.e. mothers’ groups, youth clubs, relief teams. One of most significant contributions was building temporary class rooms for schools in Baseri of Sindhupalchok district, Tipling of Dhading district and Dolakha district etc.

Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation Project of Community Trek and Thelma & Louise Nepal, really made big different for those people who were badly victimized at that time. Thanks for all friends, families of the WORLD for your support to make that happened. Namaste!!