About Community Trek

Community Trek is a company specialized in outdoor activities such as Expeditions, Trekking, Bike Trips, Rafting, Cultural Tours and more.

You might be wondering what makes community trek such a most efficient company and offer the best price for you.


1. A team of professionals with a long experience in the tourism industry in Nepal

Community Trek has been built by a team of deeply experienced people coming from very different backgrounds. These backgrounds go from academic graduated individuals to deeply experience trekking guides. The variety of backgrounds composing Community Trek team offers a synergic way of working allowing us to offer to our customers all they expect and more.


2. A wide vision adapted to today’s challenges

In the modern world, many challenges must be faced objectively. Community Trek is committed to sustaining its social, cultural economic and ecological environment. You will be able to get a better insight of what we stand for in “our mission”.


3. An expanded a coherent network of partners all around the world

Community Trek highlights the importance of partnerships, we believe that having strong and extensive links with different organizations is what makes the difference.

We are actually working with many international travel agents coming from all over the world (Australia, France, Brazil, USA …) delivering different all the necessary requirements for a quality outdoor holiday experience logistic.

We also work together with NGO’s in order to raise awareness about social issues in Nepal especially in rural areas but also in cities such as Kathmandu. We also implement different actions with them in order to contribute as much as we can to a positive social change in Nepal.