Ropai Jatra Celebration in Boudha

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 Published On:20 Aug,2016

Lakhe Jatra in Boudha

Ropai Jatra in Boudha
(festival of rice cultivation or planting)

In Kathmandu, many notable festivals are celebrated. Ropai Jatra is one of the most enjoyable Festival of Kathmandu Valley. It has been assumed that long time ago king and people of Kathmandu  used to celebrate this festival Ropai Jatra after finishing their paddy farming. Because the paddy was one of the major crops of the Kathmandu Valley. So, after finished their heavy work they do ready for festival to forget hard part of their life by singing, dancing and meeting with their relative.

In Ropai Jatra festival at the Boudhanath Stupa thousands of people are gathering to watch this festival, special local Tamang peoples come to observe this festival from around the Kathmandu Valley. The festival specially getting so popular among the young people. They freely participate in the event to entertain other people as well as by themselves.

Ropai Jatra


♂ What actually happened in the Festival?

In this Ropai Jatra people express their feelings by singing in traditional way and try to covered their suffering by dancing together. At the festival many social clubs, school children and another communities participate very openly to show tools which are used for farming and so cultural dances.

Now a days they also add some comedy performance by starring current situation of Nepal as well as the political and anything else regarding the world which happening currently.

So, I am sure that this festival could give so much fun for all and also you can be part of this festival if you’re round the Kathmandu Valley during the celebration time. The main festival start after 10:00 am but people start to come from early morning. If you get there around 12:00 pm then best time to see the event.


♂ Some highlighted picture from Ropai Jatra Boudha.

Gai Jatra
Ropai Jatra Festival Boudha
Ropai Jatra Boudha
Ropai Jatra Festival in Boudha
Festival I'm Boudha
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