5 Reason Why Nepal Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

 Published On:07 Apr,2018

Holiday Destination Nepal

Are you planning your next holiday vacation? If the mountain, adventure, and culture are of your type then you should go for Hiking on Nepal Himalayas. There are several reasons why Nepal should be your holiday destination but here are major five responsible factors that make Nepal as a probable destination for your adventure holiday.

Snow-capped mountains are the jewels of the northern territory of Nepal as eight out of fourteen Eight Thou-sanders are towering high as a border with Tibet. Sharing a border with Tibet Nepal can be considered as the prime gateway for Tibet Tour. Apart from that trekking in Nepal, especially Everest Base Camp Trek – Annapurna Base Camp and Circuit Trek can be ideal hiking and walking destination. Nowadays Manaslu Circuit Trek on Gorkha is on limelight as it is famous for Manaslu and culture around it. Island Peak Climbing is perfect for novice to pro mountaineers.Holiday Destination NepalOn the way to Everest Base Camp. Photo: #RameshTamang

Kathmandu is a city of temple and Nepal is country of non-stop festival. More than 130 ethnics group of Nepal have their own culture and tradition. Although it is not possible to explore the entire culture of Nepal one can simply walk around for same day trips like Kathmandu Valley Day Tour as well as Bhaktapur & Changunarayan Temple as it offers some ethnic countryside experience with the local culture of Newari People and old kings palace of Patan and Kathmandu Durbar Square. Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath are the major historic pilgrimages sites with religious harmony.Holiday Destination NepalOld Sunuwar Shaman at their ritual event. Photo: #RameshTamang

In Nepal, A is always Adventure especially in the field of Tourism, as there are many potentialities for adventure tourism within Nepal. You can jump off from world’s highest natural bungee jumping in Nepal. There are many downhill mountain biking trail in Nepal, Annapurna Circuit is world’s highest cycling trail. Even if you can’t climb or trek on Everest you can go for Mountain Flight in Nepal. For the rock climber, Nepal is heaven as there are several climbing walls in Nepal both natural and artificial. Jungle Safari in Chitwan is another wildlife adventure within Nepal.Holiday Destination NepalBiking in the Himalayas. Photo credit: Anna Poltorak

The Buddha:
Light of Asia, i.e. Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, founder of Buddhism. Nepal is an ideal pilgrimage destination for Buddhist throughout the world. Mainly people from Buddhist Country like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China visit Nepal every year for Lumbini Trip. There are several monasteries within premises of Lumbini and it is listed on UNESCO’s world heritage sites. You can try some multiday tour in Nepal before your amazing tour to the kingdom of happiness, Bhutan Tour.Holiday Destination NepalLumbini the Birth Place of Buddha. Photo: #RameshTamang

Oho when it came with the term of Food, Nepal is famous for Dal Bhat. However, apart from Dal Bhat, there are several other cuisines rich in spices like hot and sour. Mo: Mo that we called Dumpling is English is the famous lunch food throughout entire Nepal and the taste is different from one place to another, similar is the price as it ranges from 0.7 USD to 7 USD. Nepal can be paradise for backpacker, as it is one of the cheapest countries to travel. There are several cooking classes in Kathmandu where you can learn how to prepare traditional Nepali Dish, i.e. Dal Bhat.

Holiday Destination NepalDal Bhat served

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