Brazil Tour | The Journey from Himalaya to Brazil

 Ramesh Tamang

 Published On:09 Sep,2020

Brazil Tour from Nepal

It was in 2018. I (Ramesh, Founder of Community Trek) was invited by Brazilian Friends “Clarice AOKI” to visit their beautiful Country after she made Everest Panorama, and Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal. It was my first International travel from my Himalayan Homeland, so, obviously, it was so exciting Tour.

My flight was São Paulo via Doha. It took nearly 24 hours to get to São Paulo, which was so long flight experience. When I landed at Sampaulo Airport my friend was already there to welcome with her brother’s family. It was so warmly welcoming. For me, it was so comfortable to explore Brazil because Clarice was guiding to every corner of Real Brazil.

I got to see many states São Paulo, Rio De Janerio, Parana, Curitiba, Santa Catarina and North of Brazil as well.

Urbisi Mountain Brazil

Everything in Brazil is massive, brighter and bolder from the waterfalls, jungles to the street parties and beaches. It’s no matter of wonders; there are always festivals.

Brazilians are famous for their passion of life. The country is rich with incredible natural attractions the Amazon, roaring Iguazu Falls and jungle-clad. And let’s not forget Brazil’s infectious music from samba and bossa nova to Afro-Brazilian beats and a party around every corner. And of course, the pumping beaches, where you can join for fun anywhere anytime.

Exploring Nepal in Brazil

It was my dream trip and my Dear friend Clarice made it come true, so, I would like to extend my heartful thanks to her from the bottom of the heart. That was a great opportunity for me to explore on another horizon. I got such a huge platform and privilege to share about Nepal and the Himalayas with Doctors, Lectures, Writers, Media Persons Students, Travel Lovers and many more good humans in Brazil.

Are you dreaming to travel Brazil?

This time I want to remember all my Brazilian friends and families, especially all family members of Clarice (São Paulo, Cascavel Curitiba) including Dr. Nelson, Marilde (Florianópolis) and Friends, Erica (Rio), Dr. Ricardo Cadaval & Family, Nilton & Luciane, Paulo & Juarez Gurdjieff. I hope that I can see you all beautiful people again.

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Brazil Tour from Nepal


If you’re visiting Brazil then don’t miss these Brazilian Foods:

1. Barbecued meat

Beef steaks on the grill with flames

2. Pão de queijo

3. Feijoada

4. Brigadeiro


5. Coxinhas


6. Caipirinha


7. Cachaça,


Brazil Tour Video is here…

Namaste | Muito Obrigado.