10 Things to Know No to Do Before Travelling Nepal

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 Published On:08 Aug,2019

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Planning a trip to Nepal? Check out our 10 tips on things not to do before Travelling Nepal.

1. Do not trek alone
» There have been numerous disappearances of solo trekkers in recent years. Always hire a guide or trek with other people. This applies to everyone but especially women that are travelling single, they seem to more vulnerable. Always communicate your travel plans to your next of kin.

2. Food safety
» Avoid water that is not bottled or boiled. Avoid raw vegetables and pre-cut fruit as much as possible.

3. Do not give money to beggars that you see on the streets.
» Even though they look pitiful, your giving away of money encourages them only to beg for more. If you really care support one of many charity organizations working in Nepal.

4. Be sure to exchange back all the Nepalese currencies before you leave.
» They are not accepted (or even exchanged for that matter) outside of Nepal. Besides, taking currency out of the country is against the law.

5. Do not assume that “ganja” (marijuana) is legal in Nepal.
» It is not. Even though it is a common weed on hillsides you can get in trouble for picking it and carrying it for consumption purpose.

6. Stay away from dance bars in KTM and PKR.
» These are tourist traps where they scam you on buying alcohol and food at much-inflated prices. Some of these places have a history of intimidation and violence.

7. Bring a universal plug and voltage adapter kit for your Electronics. Nepal uses 220V.
8. Always have some tissue paper and hand sanitizer with you at all times and note that some of the toilets may require squatting.
9. Avoid displaying food around monkeys around temples, as they are used to snatching it.
10. Support the NON-Plastic Initiative, please limit your use of plastic items, and help make Nepal a better place.

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