Baseri Village Trek and Tour

 Ramesh Tamang | Community Trek

 Published On:04 Jan,2017

Nepal Village Trek and Tour

If you are looking for more than just a good trip, if you want to help people to improve their living conditions while having a wonderful experience, Village Community Trekking & Tour – Baseri is exactly what you are looking for!

This is one of the several new community-managed projects in Nepal, where the benefits from your visit reach the whole community. In this case, they have one main goal – to invest all benefits in increasing local’s access to education, health and build a sustainable way of life through community shared projects.
Nepal Village Trek and Tour
The trek offers a fabulous experience of what Nepal has to offer with a balanced mixture of nature and culture. It is said that people come to Nepal for the mountains and return to the people, let’s check it by yourself!

You will have amazing views of both the impressive Langtang and the Himalayan range while discovering the Katmandu Valley. Besides, living in a Tamang village, where the people are generous and welcoming will allow you to share a wonderful human experience. Meeting the very friendly Baseri villagers will make you want to come back again and again for sure!

1. From April to June for berry hunting and flower discovering
2. From June to July for learning how to plant some millet, ginger etc… with the villagers
3. From August to September for nice local veggies degustation and river swimming.
4. From September to October, it is festival time! –


Here is a photo feature. Photo by Ramesh Tamang (Guide)
Nepal Village Trek and TourEnjoying with DalBhat on the way to Chisa Paani.

Nepal Village Trek and TourBeautiful walking trails and wild flowers. 

Nepal Village Trek and TourBerry season really make you busier during the walk.

Nepal Village Trek and TourPreparing dinner for you.

Nepal Village Trek and TourHaving dinner together with community people in Baseri Village.

Nepal Village Trek and TourLittle girl on the tree during her school break time.

Nepal Village Trek and TourSharing the happiness through the pictures after taking the shot.