Alpine Flowers Trek in Nepal

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 Published On:06 Aug,2016

Himalayan Alpine Flowers

Most people know Nepal as the land of high mountains but Nepal has much more to offer to the visitors. We have huge varieties of flora and fauna in Nepal specially in the Himalayas. Community Trek have been organizing Alpine Flowers Treks in Nepal to view these Alpine Wild Flowers. Nepal boasts 6500 plant species and 300 varieties of orchids to name the few. Many of these plant species are found only in Nepal. Many different flowers can be viewed when we are in trekking and hiking around the Himalayas.



Community Trek has been organizing two different Alpine Flowers Trek in the Himalayas of Nepal aiming to view particular these Wild Flowers. The good thing about these treks is you not only see the wildflowers but it is a added benefit on your regular trek which includes great mountain views, cultural exposure and so on. On some of these treks we take you little away from the regular trek routes and in some we take you to the special regions not known to many.


In spring (March and April) we operate these trekking program to view rhododendron while in summer (July and August) Community Trek offer these trek Alpine Flowers Treks to see primulas, poppies, iries gentians and other wild flowers on the alpine slopes around the beautiful Himalayas. Alpine Flower Trekking; the blooming season varies from place to place depending on the altitude, earlier in lower elevation and later in higher elevation .That means it requires precise knowledge which flower blooms where, when and lasts for how long.


♂ Alpine flowers Treks: Summer time brings new life in the alpine slopes beneath the Himalaya . Monsoon brings moisture and warmth in the otherwise bare and dry slopes and valleys. Monsoon transforms the alpine valley floor into green carpets and in a few days to a spectacular scenery of wild flowers .First bloom the iris, then primulas and daisies and poppies making the whole area alive with their profusion and display of colors. Also not all the places are accessible in summer. Langtang Valley Gosaikunda Trek, Pach Pokhari Trek, Annapruna Base camp Trek really recommend for you to view this Alpine Flowers.

Flowers Photography Nepal

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Himalayan Flowers, Alpine Flowers Trek in Nepal

♂ Rhododendron treks: Rhododendron is the National flower of Nepal. There are as many as 30 species of rhododendron and the color ranges from red and pink to white. Spring is the blooming season but the date varies from region to region and depends on the altitude. This is found mostly at the altitude range of 2500m-3500m at different parts of the country, more in east than west. The scenery is truly spectacular when the rhododendron blooms in the whole forest , every spring spring. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Pikey Trek recommend you to view verities of Rhododendron

Alpine Flowers Trek in Nepal
Alpine Flowers Trek in Nepal
fauna and flora of Everest, alpine flowers Trek in Nepal

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