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Community Trek; an adventure company specialized in outdoor activities based in the Nepal. Our program are designed to provide quality services and unique tours and adventure experiences all around the High Himalayas of Nepal. Our Company is structured to provide employment and training opportunities to some of the marginalized indigenous communities of Nepal....

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Bhutan Cultural Tour

Bhutan Tours | What You Need to Know Before You Go?

Bhutan, the land of Thunder Dragon, has become one of the top tourist destinations for Honeymoon, Spiritual Holidays. Unless you're from a select few countries, such as Nepal, Bhutan Tours is expensive and not easily undertaken. However, the distinctive Buddhist culture, unspoiled scenery, and fresh mountain air make it very worthwhile. The number ...

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Buddhist Prayer Flags

8 Things You Should Know about Buddhist Prayer Flags

Prayer flags have been around for thousands of years. These colourful flags are often seen floating above river crossings or atop mountain passes protecting those travelling through. Everything right from the colour to the words on the flags has a deeper meaning. These Buddhist prayer flags are traditionally hung in high places to catch the wind s...

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