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Baseri Village Community Tourism Development Project.

In Nepal, we have millions of farmers. In our experience, they have nearly 5 months of the year lying idle on their hands. This is actually a huge economic waste. We at Explore Village Nepal as Like Baseri Village and other more villages are now more than ever convinced that ‘Village Tourism’ can be an effective tool to address this dire situation. Millions of Nepal’s peasants starve for want of supplementary occupation. Nepal’s 70% of the population has more than a quarter of their time lying idle. The villages steadily have grown poorer because of this enforced idleness. The main problem is how to utilize these billions of hours of the nation without disturbing the rest. Restoration of the Village Tourism is the only possible answer. Agriculture does not need revolutionary changes. The Nepalese peasant requires a supplementary industry. The most natural is the introduction of Village Tourism. If the villages perished, Nepal would perish too. It would be no more Nepal. A handful of cities did not make Nepal. The real Nepal, Nepal which we love and for which we live were once the glory and symbol of her ancient culture and civilization.


We at Explore Baseri Village is determined to bring forth the true essence of Nepal through ‘Village Tourism Development Scheme. There are already many villages came with this concept but Baseri Village is very new and Community Trek has been promoting.


Baseri Village tourism developed which focuses on following aspects.
1. Minimize Impact. – Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect.
2. Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.
3. Provide direct financial benefits for conservation.
4. Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people.
5. Raise sensitivity to host countries’ political, environmental, and social climate
6. Support international human rights and labor agreements.


Being a responsible company of the nation, Community Trek also trying to promote other village tourism as well as to bring different experience and exploration to our clients.


Our Program are:
1. VolunteeringProgram
2. Village Experience Program
3. Cultural Exchange Program.


“ODARE” Village Development Project.